Month: March 2018


How many people are truly happy?

On the International Day of Happiness, we wanted to find out how many users on Sentimente are happy. We started a survey and received responses from 1481 people, between March 16-19, 2018. Which colors are preferred by men and which colors are preferred by women? We all know that the blue color is associated to men and the…


Valentine’s Day in Romania

Saturday, 24th February, 2018...Romanians call this day Dragobete, named after the Guardian of Love, chosen, according to some sources, by Virgin Mary herself. We wanted to be special and celebrate 2 days of love in February: Dragobete and Valentine's Day. If Valentines Day was dedicated to the handsome Romanian bachelors (who received really big teddy…


What do women want? Spring = happiness

One third of the women associate Spring with love and they consider that this is the perfect moement to find their soulmate, shows a recent poll made by, Romania's biggest* dating website. In March, single women want to receive flowers (35%) and small gifts (27%). Even though they didn't get a present on the…

Success stories

A new beginning

Any love story does not aim to be unique, it aims be beautiful, fulfilled...and through fulfillment, the story becomes unique in the eyes of its protagonists. This story is a simple one, but we consider it one of great uniqueness. Another stage in our lives has ended and we have tried to look towards the…

Success stories

Andreea & Daniel

We spoke for the first time on December 25th, but we could not meet then because my mother just arrived home, after two years of being abroad, and I was glad to see her after so long. Destiny placed him just down the street, at a friend's house. There were a lot of people who…

Success stories

Coup de Foudre Emil & Sabina

The voyage of our love is called "Coup de Foudre" and so, dear readers, it begins like this: On a beautiful winter day of January 18th, while I was checking who else enrolled on (I want to mention that I have been enrolled on this site for some time and the hopes of finding…

Success stories

Petruta & Mihai

After a marriage in which we had nothing to say, I was in the situation where I felt very lonely and unhappy. A situation brought me on With shy steps I made an account and met different kinds of people. Slowly, I began to sort the people I talked with, and after many failed…

Success stories

Adevarata dragoste ! Ella_Michlelina &Nelu_46

We met here, on Sentimente, I: Nelu_46 and she: Ella_Michlena.  We chatted a little, then moved the conversation on the phone and we officially met on April 6th. After the second date, we decided to start our relationship. Three months passed and I asked her to marry me...another three months later, we had our beautiful…

Success stories

A beautiful story

Thank you! I have been a member on this site for so long...I am a widow...I left my phone number in my profile information...he is also from the same city, Sibiu...he called me, we talked and formed a couple. Tomorrow we celebrate 3 weeks together...we are fine. This is all for now!