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How can you tell if they want to meet you a second time?

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12 minutes. According to a study conducted by researchers, it only takes 12 minutes to make a first impression about another person. During this time, you can find out if you are interested in them or not. Moreover, both of you can discover if you want to continue your discussion on a second date.

How do you know if you’ve made a good impression?

It’s all about how the conversation goes, according to the research specialists at the University of Kansas conducted. Those who are delighted with the dialogue partner will start telling compliments and pay more attention to the conversation. Women will become more open when they like the one standing in front of them, and men will lower their tone when they are delighted with their dating partner.

Pay attention to gestures

At the same time, non-verbal language is also very important. Crossed legs are a sign that the person in front of you does not agree with what you are saying or does not like you. Another negative indicator targets women – researchers consider it a “bad sign” when women do not ask questions, because that means they are not interested in the person they met.

In the first three minutes of the conversation, the partners who later showed interest in each other flirted and showed increased interest in what the other was saying.

In the next three minutes of the face-to-face meeting, those who were impressed by the dialogue partner began to open their palms and arms in a non-verbal communication show of interest.

Women, more fickle, men, more temperate

Between minutes 7 and 9 of the conversation, the partners who like each other start complimenting the other person, and it is during the second half of the conversation when women feel comfortable divulging personal details.

In the last 3 of the 12 “critical” minutes, women become more fickle, laughing and gesturing, while men tend to speak more slowly, lowering their voice tone.

Dr. Jeffrey Hall, the author of the research, considers that the best advice for a successful date is to know your own flirtation technique, but also to learn to recognize the signs that your partner gives you, more precisely the clues that can show if they are interested in you or not. He says you have to be direct, but not too much, and pay attention to sign language, such as a smile or even a raised eyebrow.

What do you think are the signals that show that the person you met is interested in you?

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