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How to be successful on dating websites

By June 15, 2020 July 2nd, 2020 No Comments

Online dating has already begun to replace the classic ways of finding a partner. In addition to the clear advantages of online dating such as simplicity, efficiency and time, during this pandemic, another great advantage materialized: safety.

Due to these pluses, the number of people who have made an account on Sentimente in the last 3 months has increased by 35%, compared to the same period last year. Although a big platform make finding a partner easier (mostly because the diverse crowd of users), a problem might be losing yourself in the crowd.

A love CV

Thus, if your profile is not completed and does not attract attention with something specific or unique about yourself, the chances are that your profile won’t be in the top of other users’ searches.

Your profile describes in detail who you are, what you look like, what hobbies you have and what kind of people you are looking for. Basically, you could call it a love CV, which covers some of  the most important aspects of your life. Because a good profile should cover many details and it can be overwhelming to think about completing it, we have made a complete guide for both men and women.

An ideal profile for men

Did you know that more men than women use dating sites? Not because they would look for their love more ardently than women do, but usually a man has between 3-5 accounts on such platforms. Women, on the other hand, want to make deeper connections.

So what are the most important aspects for a successful profile?


In general, trust can be associated with how you complete your profile, especially the “description” area. And yes, you should definitely complete this area. Avoid words that express loneliness and disappointment. For example, “I hope I will find someone right for me at some point…” can easily be turned into “I’m here to find the right person for myself.” You basically say the same thing but the nuances are totally different.

A complete profile

One thing to keep in mind: the more fields your profile has – the better. Besides the fact that you can be found in more specific searches, this offers a higher degree of confidence. Women will feel that they know something more personal about you or maybe even start a conversation about a certain piece of information that you have filled out.

Concentrate on the photos, not on the words

It’s okay to have a short description that says why you’re here or shows women that you have a sense of humor, but that doesn’t mean you have to describe every hobby of yours. It’s better to speak through your pictures. Do you like quiet hikes in nature? Very well. Upload a picture from your last hike. Photos are the best way to talk about yourself. Do not forget to smile!

An ideal profile for women

Increase the size of your albums

Men react to visual stimuli. We know. But that doesn’t mean they’re superficial. They simply want a woman who doesn’t hide the fact that she is on a dating site and who exposes her beauty. Upload as many pictures that show who you truly are.

Complete your profile thoroughly

It may not seem relevant to you to expose your political affinities, thoughts about family or favorite hobbies. But a man who is really interested will appreciate these aspects very much. He will know that you are a strong and committed woman. In addition, your interest is to have conversations with men who have things in common with yourself. Why wouldn’t you do it?

Tell your story

The description is the second highlight of your profile, after the pictures. Thus, it should encompass your whole person; it should define you. Here you can share your best and focus on your personality.


Of course, the profile is just one aspect of online dating, but a very important one. If you think your profile is not reaching its full potential, try these changes and tell us how they helped you.

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