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How to begin a conversation

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There are times when we simply can’t find the right words. Creating the perfect sentence might be a little tricky, especially because of the stress related to the answer you’re expecting. That’s why, most conversations often start with “hello, how are you doing?”.

If you are looking for a little inspiration, here is a list that might help you.

How to start a conversation

1. Has anyone told you that you look like a celebrity?

2. What would you like to do but never have the time?

3. What is the funniest message received on Sentimente?

4. I don’t want to seem weird, but I’ve never seen “Alone at Home.”

5. I don’t really believe in conspiracies, but these days it’s harder and harder to avoid them. Do you believe in any conspiracy theory?

6. It’s better for you to know this from the beginning: my hair has grown a lot since I uploaded my profile picture.

7. I asked my friends about it and I was curious about your answer, as well. What’s the biggest lie you’ve ever used to not show up for a date?

8. Describe your love life in 3 words. I’ll start: searching, hope, trust.

9. I buyed a crystal ball and guess what … I can see us in it.

10. Please don’t get scared, but I’m about to start flirting.

11. You seem to have an active life and knowledge about sports. Can you recommend something to get in shape?

12. Do you like good food? If we were at a restaurant, what would you order?

13. Let’s say you could choose one character from your childhood cartoon to come to life. Who would you choose?

14. I think you have a very interesting clothing style. What fashion trend would you like to return?

15. What would you give up to end this pandemic?

16. Who was your favorite high school teacher?

17. Let’s talk about how a date where we respect the distance measures might look like.

18. Let’s say you could only choose one: TV. Netflix. YouTube. Which one would you choose?

19. I think it’s important to tell you right now that I can’t stand pineapple pizza.

20. What do you think is the best way to start a conversation?

21. Finally someone with an interesting profile description!

22. If you had had the chance to go on a dinner date with an actor / actress you really like, what would you have told them?

23. Tell me something shocking you’ve done.

24. I need a good serial or movie recommendation and you seem to be the right person to ask. What do you recommend?

25. Is it just me or do you prefer a real-life date?

26. I’m trying to stay away from the refrigerator. Any tips?

27. Let’s talk about dates that didn’t go well. You start.

28. When do you think things are going to go back to normal? 

29. I have a curiosity. Would you go out on a regular date during this time?

30. Let’s skip the introductions. You have a very interesting profile. What do you think of mine?

How would you start a conversation? Which one of your opening lines gets you the most responses?

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