DatingPress launches the Video Call function – a simple and safe method meant to create strong connections between people

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Online dating has become increasingly popular among single people, especially during the pandemic, especially for those who want to meet new people. The social distance highlighted, more than ever, the desire for interpersonal interaction, as close as possible to reality, and for this reason launched the Video Call function.

According to a survey conducted by, a change in user behavior was observed, thus, 64% of users invest more time online in meeting a person, before going out on a date (compared to 55% last year), and 28 % of them say they will choose an online meeting over an offline one, something that has never happened before this pandemic. Moreover the number of accounts created in the last 3 months has increased by 10%, compared to the same period last year.

Video Call meets the needs of users and supports security by facilitating communication without changing personal data, such as phone numbers or email addresses. At the same time, the facility offers them the opportunity to enjoy the interaction of a meeting from the comfort of their own home.

Users have become much more active resulting in a 30% increase in messages. Sentimente supported this growth by introducing the Video Call function that allows making video and audio calls, in the simplest way possible. The integration of the new function in the browser, but also in mobile applications gives users the freedom of making a video or audio call at any time, regardless of the platform used.

We believe that the pandemic will lead to a change in habits, and people will rather go online to solve various situations, from work to private life. Currently, the human connection is the most important factor associated with online dating, and the need for live communication has become a necessity in these recent months, especially for those living alone. The desire to meet someone special and to fall in love remains one of the most beautiful stages of human life. Video-Call meeting will strengthen friendships and relationships because the communication between two people who see and hear each other for the first time offers a much wider range of emotions and feelings, compared to the written messages, says Flori Dragomir, co-founder of

If before single people preferred to meet for a coffee, at a restaurant or even in the park, now, many of them improvise and choose to take advantage of the time spent at home. Many users said that in the context of the pandemic they adapted and their meetings consisted of virtual tours of museums and exhibitions, online movie marathons or romantic virtual dates.  The connections between people have become stronger, due to the time invested in forming deeper bonds and the fact that users can see and hear the person they are communicating with on the site. The Video Call feature on Sentimente meets this new type of behaviour and supports communication and interaction between those who are about to begin their love journey together.

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