Valentine’s Day in Romania

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Saturday, 24th February, 2018…Romanians call this day Dragobete, named after the Guardian of Love, chosen, according to some sources, by Virgin Mary herself.

We wanted to be special and celebrate 2 days of love in February: Dragobete and Valentine’s Day.

If Valentines Day was dedicated to the handsome Romanian bachelors (who received really big teddy bears), Dragobete was meant to show our users just how much we value them.

Are you curious how?

  1. We searched for 10 love stories which started in Sentimente;
  2. We searched for the most beautiful flower bouquets;
  3. We found the perfect bouquets;
  4. We sent the flowers to happy couples who found their better half on our website.


Women who started their love stories on Sentimente enjoyed a nice surprise from both their partners, as well as from our team, Sentimente.

How did YOUR love story started?

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