What do users think about Sentimente?

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In July we asked our users what they think about us.

We asked people on our site what they think about Sentimente, in general, what elements they consider important in a profile, how their interaction with our Customer Support Department went and what they want to see from us in the future. Their opinions are always important to us because we want to make everybody’s experience on Sentimente as great as we can.

Are you curious about the results of our survey? See them below:

  • 85% of the users consider Sentimente a serious and trustworthy site.
  • Approximately 60% of those who answered this survey recommended Sentimente to someone else. 50% will recommend it in the near future.
  • 70% of the users think that the description is an important factor and take it into account in their search for a life partner.
  • 75% of the users say that age is an important factor in a relationship..
  • 73% of those who answered the survey consider that common interests are important and very important during the process of getting to know a future partner.
  • Regarding their interaction with Customer Support, over half of the users said that the communication was positive and went very well.
  • 72% of the women take into account the height and weight of their future partner, while just 53% of the men look at the weight and height of a potential life partner.
  • Education is important to 86% of the women, while 50% of the men take education into account when they chose their soulmate.

We will be back with more interesting results. Until then, tell us what are your opinions about these ones?

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