Yes, photos do matter

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It’s important for the person you are talking to on dating websites to see ho you look. Just as in real-life, appearances and the way you dress make a first good impression. If your profile photo is missing, people you might like will hardly answer to your messages because they will not trust you. If you don’t trust yourself enough to show your face to the community, why would anyone else trust you?

Here are a few tips:

1. Outdoor photos

Women appreciate men in outdoor photos, guys receiving 19% more messages, according to a study initiated by a famous dating site. On the other hand, men appreciate photos of women who look directly into the camera lens and have their hair tied up (because they can easily see their facial features). Guys don’t prefer outdoor pictures of women, which receive up to 40% fewer messages.

2. Selfies

Selfies increase the chance of receiving more messages and responses by up to 8% for men and 4% for women. The photos in which you capture both your face and body (using a selfie-stick) exude more authenticity and sincerity on your part, which makes them much more appreciated by other users.

3. Say no to friends

In your profile picture you should be by yourself. This means no friends, no pets and no party photos. Keep those for the public albums.

4. Smile, smile, smile

For women, a big smile which shows their teeth, and for men, a closed-mouth smile, highly increase the chances of finding their half.

5. Health and sports

Photos which show your athletic side are a big plus and have a great chance of being appreciated by other people.

6. Keep it clear and simple

Filters, moved photos, blurred images, or pictures limited to your face have less chance of being liked, which will further lead to fewer messages or answers.

How should my profile picture look like?

Our advice is to keep everything natural. Smile and show as much as you can, not just your face and be careful to stand alone in your profile photo. For the rest of your pictures, we suggest you vary them and show, through them, some of your hobbies and interests.

What’s your current profile picture?

Hai pe Sentimente!

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