Article 1 – The Organizers and the Official Rules of the Contest

(1) The “Success Stories” campaign is organized and developed by Machteam Soft SRL, with headquarters in Bucharest, Bd. Pierre de Coubertin, no. 3-5, Office Building, 4th floor, 4I room, sector2, having C.U.I. 18642542, RO J40 / 7355/2006 represented by Daniel Dragomir as Permanent Representative of the Administrator, hereinafter referred to as “Organizer”.

(2) Participants in the Contest are required to comply with the terms and conditions of this Official Rules of the Contest (hereinafter referred to as the “Official Rules”).

(3) The Official Rules are available free of charge to any interested person, at any time during the Contest, by posting them on the website

(4) The organizer reserves the right to complete and / or amend the Official Rules, the completion and / or the modification to be made public in the manner provided by art. 1. par. (3).

(5) The organizer is responsible for the proper functioning of the reception and registration mechanism on and Any complaint about the operation of the site will be resolved by the site.


Art. 2- Territory, logistics and duration of the Contest

(1) The contest is organized in the virtual space corresponding to the page, in the special pages: and

(2) The contest will be launched on March 1, 2018, at 12:00:01, Romanian time, and will cease on July 31st , 2018 at 23:59:59, in accordance with the provisions of this Regulation. In the event that the Organiser decides to shorten / prolong this Contest, this will be made public in the manner provided for in Art. 1. par. (4).


Article 3 – Right of Participation

(1) Any person over the age of 18 (hereinafter referred to as the “Participant”), which fulfills the following criteria below, may participate in the Contest :

  1.     i) has an account on and has found a partner who has or had an account on through our dating service;
  2.     ii) had an account on and found a partner who has or had an account on through our dating service;

(2) Employees, spouses and their relatives may not participate in the competition until the fourth degree, except for the employees of the partner companies which helped organize  this Contest.

(3) Participation in this Contest implies the express agreement, knowledge and unambiguous acceptance of this Official Regulation by all participants.

(4) The Organizer reserves the right to remove any attempt of fraud by restricting access to contestants who attempt fraud.

Article 4 – The Mechanism of the Contest

(1) To participate in this Contest each interested person must:

  1. Access the and pages and go through all the steps required to enroll;
  2. Provide valid contact data (first and last name, email, phone number, first and last name of the partner).
  3. C. Provide their own love story that started on and which refers exclusively to the participant who registered in the contest and his/her partner.

(2) In order to complete the process of enrollment in the Contest, the user must confirm with a tick that he/she agrees with the Terms and Conditions of the Contest.

  1. The organizer, through its representatives, reserves the right to invalidate accounts that do not clearly have the correct and complete contact details (for example, without a valid email address or no phone number).
  2. The obligation of the entered data’s accuracy belongs entirely to the participants.

         iii. By enrolling the contest stories, the participants agree that in case the selected material is selected by the Organizer, it can be published on any promotional material, together with the name of the participant, without compensatory payments, for an indefinite period, at the same time, the participant giving the Organizer the copyright on the material sent. The Organizer is not responsible for the publication of materials without rights. All responsibility lies with those who have entered the materials in the contest.

(3) The organizer is entitled to take all necessary measures in case of system fraud  attempts, abuse or any other attempts that could affect the image of this Contest.

(4) All participants who have registered in the Contest will take part in the draw for the prize provided in art. 5.

(5) The stories submitted by the participants will be passed through the program. The program will draw the winning story by lot, as follows: we first establish a numerical value for each participant (in this case, the order in which the love stories have been submitted on the website),  then the program draws lots. Proof of the winner will be captured either by a screenshot of the result, or by short film of a few seconds, which will record the selection process of the winning story.


(6) The prize offered must be claimed in accordance with the provisions of the Official Regulation, otherwise it is not longer owed by the Organizer.

Article 5 – Gains

(1) The offered prize consists of a trip for two persons at the Iaki hotel, located on the Romanian seaside, in September 2018, with at least one meal included. Prize details are to be established and announced at a later date.

(2) The prize shall be handed over on the basis of a protocol handover note, not later than 5 working days after the validation of the winners.

(3) The prize money can not be awarded and the prize can not be exchanged for another product or service.

Article 6 – Validation and award conditions

(1) The winner will be drawn on August 1st. Only valid entries entered into the Contest will participate in the selection procedure of the winner, from which 1 winner and one reserve will be selected. The prize will be awarded to the winner provided that the winner is not disqualified due to non-compliance with the terms of this Regulation.

(2) The other valid holdings of the designated winner will be excluded for the selection of the reserve so that there is no participant with both winning and reserve status.

(3) In order to validate the prize draws, consumers must meet the following conditions:

  • Can be contacted at the mobile phone number with which he / she has registered in the Contest, within 2 business days of his / her designation as a winner;
  • When contacted, declare Name, Surname, Phone, and Full Address;
  • To prove the presence of both the personal account and the partner’s account on the website , whether they are active or deleted.

(4) The representative of the Organizer shall communicate to the person answering the registered telephone number the identity and purpose of the call and shall request him / her to confirm his / her participation in the Contest as well as his / her full name. After communicating these data, the potential winner will be required to send a copy after his / her bulletin and will be required to provide proof provided in art. 6.3 (3) for validation and prize award. These data are to be operated and recorded in the Organizer’s database in order to award the prize. If the information contained in the bulletin coincides with the information entered on the site then the winning is finally validated, the person is declared the Winner and will receive the prize under this Regulation.

(5) If any of the nominated winners does not comply with the deadline mentioned in this article or refuses in good faith and without reason the submission of the requested data, then the Organizer reserves the right to invalidate it.

(6) The refusal of the winning potential, expressly and unequivocally, regarding the communication of his or her personal data for the purposes of validation or the impossibility to provide evidence that both he and his partner have owned or held an account on leads to the invalidation potential winner and loss of prize award.

(7) Where a potential winner can not be contacted during the two working days provided for under this Regulation (such as in cases where he does not respond to the number, the number is not allocated, is not in the coverage area mobile service etc.) it will be invalidated.

(8) Failure to meet one of the conditions described in the present Regulation, the finding of any inconsistency between the data communicated by telephone and those existing in the winner’s identity card automatically leads to the loss of the right of the winning potential to be awarded the prize.

(9) If the winner loses the right of entry of the prize in accordance with the provisions of this Regulation, the Organizer’s representative will contact the selected reserve, which will be preliminarily validated in accordance with the terms of this Regulation.

(10) On the day of effective entry into the possession of the prize, a verbal process regarding the receival of the prize shall be concluded.

(11)  By signing the verbal process, the winner will express his / her written consent that his / her personal data entered into the Organizer’s database for the Award of the Contest and for the fulfillment of the tax obligations and will be able to opt in express his or her agreement in writing or for the name to be made public by the organizer without any additional obligations on the part of the organizer to the winner.

(12) The winner will be announced in 30 working days from the validation of the prize on

Article 7 – The pre-term termination of the Contest

  1. The contest may end ahead of schedule, in case of a force majeure situation, including the case in which the Organizer, for reasons beyond his control, is unable to continue the Contest.
  2. The situations envisaged in art. 7. paragraph (1) are also assimilated to the acts of public authority of a competent court or of another competent public authority.
  3. In the situations envisaged in art. 7. paragraph (1) and (2), the Organizer no longer has any obligations on the Participants regarding the return of a sum of money or the payment of a sum of money as compensation. The pre-term termination of the Contest shall be announced to the public in the manner provided for in Art. 1, par. (3).
  4. The pre-term termination of the Contest shall be announced to the public in the manner provided for in Art. 1, par. (3).


Article 8 – Disputes and applicable law


  1. Any disputes arising between the Organizer and any of the Participants will be resolved amicably or, if that path is not possible, the litigation will be settled by the competent court in Bucharest, from the Organizer’s headquarters, in accordance with the common law.
  2. The applicable law is the Romanian law.


Article 9 – Taxes


  1. Any other obligations of a fiscal nature or of any other nature regarding with the winning prize established under the laws in force are and remain the sole responsibility of the winner.


Article 10 – Responsability


  1. The organizer and its partners are entitled to take all necessary measures in case of attempts to fraud the Competition mechanism, abuse or any other fraudulent attempts that may affect the image of the companies involved.
  2. Organizers do not assume responsibility for:
    • the correctness of the data recorded by the participants on the site
    • any disputes over rights to phone numbers entered in the Contest;
    • Inability to participate in this Contest due to causes that do not depend directly on them, such as technical failures of the Internet Service Provider or Mobile Operators;
    • unannounced interruptions / malfunctions of Internet providers or blocking access to the  site during periods of intense traffic;
  •   Any additional costs incurred by participants in connection with this Contest.
  •  Situations where certain participants are unable to access the webpage in     whole or in part if this is due to circumstances outside the control that the Organizer can reasonably exercise. These circumstances may be due to: erroneous, incomplete, transmitted, delayed, or otherwise deformed information as a result of user actions, the operation of their computing equipment, their applications, or other technical equipment used to access the application. These circumstances may also be due to technical difficulties that may affect the operation of Internet connections and / or computer equipment and / or applications of the Internet provider. These circumstances may also be due to: damage or defects with potential effect on the computing equipment, applications, and / or stored data of participants or third parties after accessing the application. These circumstances may also be due to changes in legislation that will influence the conduct and implementation of the Contest (such as decisions taken by civil authorities, war regime, natural disasters and other similar events), prizes obtained by accessing the application, their value , their function, the conditions for granting and / or distributing them.

   (4)  The organizer does not assume responsibility for participants who enroll outside of the Contest period or who do not fill in all mandatory fields.

   (5) The Organizer reserves the right to check and monitor the way the entries are made in the Contest. If some attempts of fraud are noticed, those entries will be canceled.

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Article 11 – Personal Data

  1. By participating, the participants confirm the knowledge of the provisions of the Official Regulation and agree to them and to the inclusion of personal data in the Organizer’s database. Thus, the Organizer will process and collect data such as: name, surname, address, e-mail, telephone number, data related to the interaction, information on the quality and use of the Site;
  2. Personal data that participants provide to the Organizer are processed strictly during the contest, except for the personal details of the winner.
  3. The personal data of the participants will be processed for organizing and conducting the contest, awarding prizes, commercial activities, promoting products and services, marketing, advertising, media, administrative, development, market research, statistics, tracking and monitoring of behavior, improving business models, creating personalized offers.
  4. Upon completion of the contest, the personal data of the participants will be stored in the Organizer’s database for a period of 5 years for future collaborations, such as: interviews, invitations to photo sessions, and other actions. The winner’s data will also be kept in the company’s accounts, according to the legislation in force.
  5. Participation is the agreement of the potential winners that their name and city of residence will be made public free of charge, according to the legislation in force.
  6. The organizer may keep statistical reports generated by using the information collected from the Site for a long period but such reports do not identify the participants and will not be used in any other way that could affect the protection of personal data or the privacy of the participants.
  7. By filling in the personal data, each participant declares that it accepts unconditionally that its personal data may be transferred by the Organizer to both its affiliates and other / other entities in the country or abroad. The latter shall ensure that the personal data of the participants are kept secure, that the processing is done taking into account the purpose and duration of the processing, in accordance with this Regulation, and that their provision is made in accordance with the applicable law.
  8. Participants are guaranteed the rights provided by Law no. 677/2001 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, in particular the following rights:
    – the right of access to data;
    – the right to interfere with data;
    – the right to object
    – the right to information
    – the right not to be subject to an individual decision
    – the right to request data deletion.
  9. For the exercise of these rights, each participant may make a written request to this effect and then send it to the organizer: Machteam Soft S.R.L., Pierre de Coubertin 3-5 Boulevard, Office Building, et. 4, room 4I, sector 2, Bucharest or to the e-mail address:

Article 12 – Copies of the Official Regulation

    (1) The official regulation was drafted in 4 (four) original copies, of which 3 (three) original copies were issued to the Organizer.