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A man and a woman

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So our story started a long time ago, I think it’s been more than an year, through a timid message from me to her. She answered and then disappeared for a few months. And so we’ve been sending short messages back and forth for an year. Later, when I finally met her, I understood why everything was so hard.

This year, at the end of January, she shyly sent me a message, initiating the conversation for the first time. From here on, everything went well for both of us. Soon, we made the decision to take the conversation to another level because our previous communication showed us we could go on forever.

I am telling you all of this because I want those who read to understand that when you feel the call of the heart, you need to follow it.

I, a Virgo, have always acted based on analyzing the situation I am in, and by thinking logically. This time I said I should give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s. And so, I followed my heart. We went at the first date, the first concert together, and the first play,  and during this time we saw that we have common passions, especially the love of flowers and beauty. I saw that we love kids, both of us having our own.

My excessive nature might have crumbled everything, if it weren’t for her patience. I saw her as if she was part of another world, more aristocratic, and I was afraid that this beautiful girl might appreciate only the delicacy of my behaviour. But I was so wrong. She erased all my fears, and as the spring trees started to blossom, so did our feelings.

With a lot of patience, we have gone through many stages of our relationship, and today I live a splendid love story with a wonderful woman. I can not imagine that, at the age of 62, I can feel this intense feelings.

So, my dear ones, today, a man and a woman are a wonderful couple, whose romance increases every day. Love is like a plant that must be carefully and thoroughly cared for, if you want it to live. Your site (I admit that we have tried other variants, but not as good) was the fertile ground for our relationship, and for that I sincerely thank you.

Those who are reading this, never give up on the dream of meeting your soul mate. There is a certainty, and it occurs when destiny itself or God think you are suitable for that. It is advisable to seek  the pure feeling of love not an adventure. Because in life, the destiny gives you what you ask for.

We wish you all the good and love in the world.


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