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Andreea & Daniel

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We spoke for the first time on December 25th, but we could not meet then because my mother just arrived home, after two years of being abroad, and I was glad to see her after so long.

Destiny placed him just down the street, at a friend’s house. There were a lot of people who wanted to talk to me that Christmas night, but I just wanted to sing carols, so I  closed all the conversations. His message was the only one who gained my attention because it was not like the rest (- Hi, what are you doing? Where are you from? -)… he just said “Merry Christmas!”. And it seemed rude to not answer him.

He asked for my phone number because he could not speak (his computer crashed) and it also seemed more appropriate to me, because I wanted to listen to carols. He called me, and when we started talking, we felt like we knew each other for a long time.

We could not meet up on 26th, because he was working, but we met on December 27th, the date we knew we met each other’s soulmate. We moved together on January 7th and we are currently living a beautiful 8-year story. We hope to have our wedding as soon as possible, and to be blessed with another baby.

Thank you for making our meeting possible, even though, until then, we probably passed each other many times. without thinking that we would end up together in the long-run.

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