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Coup de Foudre Emil & Sabina

By March 12, 2018 One Comment

The voyage of our love is called “Coup de Foudre” and so, dear readers, it begins like this:

On a beautiful winter day of January 18th, while I was checking who else enrolled on (I want to mention that I have been enrolled on this site for some time and the hopes of finding someone compatible had been shrinking every passing day), I saw Sabina for the first time. The coincidence is bigger because she  enrolled on the site the previous day, 17th January, actually her daughter had written her profile and added one single photo and very little profile data information. Her photo gained my attention, especially her smile in that photograph. Her smile fascinated me, it was magnificent and I decided to send her a simple greeting message…immediately I got a response which gave me the courage I needed to send her more messages.

On January 20th, we communicated through messages for two hours, after which I asked Sabina if we could talk on the phone. She has a cold, but she accepted and we talked that evening for about two hours. In the coming days, we started communicating almost every hour. Among our discussions in those days was her 29th departure in Austria and my eye surgery scheduled for January 30th.

The attraction between us began from the first message and every day, the attraction grew stronger. On 24th evening, after a long conversation, I told Sabina, I quote “what if I come to Timisoara?” Her face suddenly lit up of happiness, she was smiling and asked me when I wanted to come. When I replied that I do not know exactly, I saw that my answer was saddened her, but we continued the discussion on other topics that night. The next day, during my morning ritual of drinking coffee while listening to music, Sabina called me, and the first question was “where are you?”… I responded briefly “at my place” and then I noticed her disappointment, yet again (Sabina believed that I was in the car, with background music).  I the realized how much I wanted to see her and in spite of the weather forecast, which was not so favorable, considering that between Mangalia and Timisoara are over 800 km, the thought that I can see her in reality and that I can hug her in my arms were stronger than the weather. So I got in the car with the direction: Timisoara. On the way we talked every hour, she was anxious and interested in where I am and in the evening I arrived in Timisoara.

We were so happy to finally meet, after so many virtual conversations. We spent two magnificent days together that strengthened our relationship. Only two days because, as I said at the beginning of the story, she went to Austria and I prepared for my surgery. We now communicate virtually several times a day and look forward to the date when she returns to our country to continue our beautiful love story.

Finally, dear readers, I can tell you that nothing is random in this world, and what is destined for you is going to happen, so do not despair, everyone has his place in this universe.

We wish you the best, Emil and Sabina

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