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Hello! It’s difficult to explain in words what happens when two soulmates (re)meet. It has little to do with logic. Tom has lived in London for over 15 years. I have been in Bucharest for over 25 years. We both had marriages that ended after 25 years for me and 20 years for him. 

I have been on Sentimente for a few months when Tom, who had just created an account on the site, wrote the first message. In the middle of the pandemic, he started the conversation. “Hello! I’ve been a Londoner for 15 years … your description is brutally honest” were his first words. I don’t know what made me answer him.

Usually I don’t respond to messages from men who don’t live in Romania. I was looking for a stable relationship with a man who was geographically close to me. But fate made me fall in love with a man who lives thousands of miles away.

We fell in love with each other … talking…in writing.  As we are not very talkative people, we both prefered to express ourselves in writing. We fell in love talking about Exupery’s book, The Little Prince. And about how we feel and how we see the world. Just a few days have passed from the first message as I discovered, with amazement, that we like to talk more and more and that we are very similar in many ways.

All of our conversations were in writing. We didn’t talk on the phone or on the video until a few days before Tom arrived in Romania. How beautifully he wrote to me one evening –  “Let’s fall in each other’s arms”.

There is a lot to talk about, but I will just say that magic truly exists! That Tom is the love of my life, that I am madly in love with him and he is madly in love with me. That we are two very lucky people on this Earth. We were fortunate enough to find each other in this huge world.

Thank you Sentimente team!

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