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A new beginning

Any love story does not aim to be unique, it aims be beautiful, fulfilled…and through fulfillment, the story becomes unique in the eyes of its protagonists.

This story is a simple one, but we consider it one of great uniqueness. Another stage in our lives has ended and we have tried to look towards the future. A new beginning is hard, especially when you have a history behind. You come with prejudices, with a scale of values, with experiences, with wounds. Some of us do not even want to try. And yet … both myself, as well as him, have decided that can be a gateway to a new story.

A few days after we made our profiles (I was more open and almost naively honest and  he was more cautious), he approached me. I liked the elegant way he talked to me. Then, after talking for hours, I found that we finished the same high school in the city. Hence, the talks quickly and naturally tied together.

I realized I have met him years ago, in a more formal environment. Probably he and I passed each another many times, especially because he lives so close to my job. What I mean is that was the channel through which both of us knew what we wanted from our lives, without looking for anything forcibly or inappropriately. I found out that we had no common friends,  but we had a lot of common points. We spend precious time together, we laugh, we walk with our hands held together, we share our problems and our hopes. We are affectionate with each other and have learned, from past experiences, that falling in love is easy, but maintaining the relationship demands effort and dedication. Thank you! Thanks to you we are now together!

Hai pe Sentimente!

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