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Petruta & Mihai

After a marriage in which we had nothing to say, I was in the situation where I felt very lonely and unhappy. A situation brought me on With shy steps I made an account and met different kinds of people. Slowly, I began to sort the people I talked with, and after many failed conversations and evenĀ  a few unsuccessful meetings, almost when I lost all hope, one Saturday I answered a greeting and so my love story began.

From the beginning we have been amused by a few coincidences. We were relatively close, at 5-10 minutes walking distance from each other, we had girls of the same age, with names embedded in each other. My first name resembled his family name. I quickly realized he was a jovial, smart and good man.

We set out to meet on Monday and he came to get me somewhere near the place I work. Though we both knew I was taller than him, it did not matter to us. We were very excited and, after the first coffee talk, we were drowning in each other’s soul, both injured by previous relationships. He drove me up close to my house, and the next day he was “installed” near my work place, anxious to see me again.

After the third meeting he dared to ask me if he could sneak a kiss on my cheek … After a week he was already proud of his future wife.

For him I was the most beautiful woman. And now, after 1 year and a half, when we are already at our house, married and having a baby on the way, he continues to tell me that I am the most beautiful woman in the world. Yes, we fell in love at the age of 40 and 43 years old, and we brought happiness and fulfillment to each other. I am a woman who radiates happiness and who thanksĀ, a site which I strongly recommend with confidence. There is someone out there for everyone. Give yourself the chance to meet people. Have a little fate. It is not easy, there is no recipe, but if you want it and if you believe it, surely He or She will appear in your life. The online environment is an alternative, especially at a certain age when we have less and less opportunitiesĀ  to socialize and meet each other live, in the real world.

Hai pe Sentimente!

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