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The love story of Nicoleta and Marian

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The team met Nicoleta and Marian for a coffee and to learn a little more about them. We are glad that through us, two special people have met and stayed together in a happy and fulfilled relationship. Here’s their love story:

Nicoleta and Marian met 6 years ago on At first, Marian was reluctant, almost sure that he would not meet his soulmate online. Despite this, he followed the advice of a friend and decided to try the site anyway. He had a few conversations with different people, but Nicoleta drew his attention from the beginning, though she didn’t often responded to messages. “I was busy,” Nicoleta explained. Still, the conversation came together and, after three months of virtual discussions, Marian proposed her to meet. At the time he lived in Bucharest, so he had to make a trip to Iasi, in order to meet the one he did not suspect will become his wife. But after another meeting, a month later, the two became inseparable. Marian moved to Iasi and in 2012 the got married. Nearly four years ago they became parents and are, now, very happy. That does not mean their relationship is perfect. “He’s a little stubborn and I’m terribly annoyed that everything has to be arranged in perfect order.” But what can I do? I met the man who may not be perfect for someone else, but he is perfect for me,” says Nicoleta laughing. Marian has the same problem with his wife: “Nicoleta is always active, she is like a teenager, but she is stubborn, yes, and she is cheerful and loving, she is my soul mate.”

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