A way you can extend your life…

….is by having a family.

International Family Day is celebrated annually on 15th of May. We celebrated it with the families that begun their relationship on our website and with our users who answered a few questions about the importance of having a family.

Nicoleta & Marian shared a few words about their family:


Here is what we’ve learned from our users:

  • 97% of single romanians claim they want to start a family, believing this way they will be happier.
  • 50% of them consider the family will be complete when children appear.
  • 76% of them claim that family means, above all, love.
  • 56% of them consider that family means safety.
  • 53% of respondents think that family is moral support.
  • Financial support only counts for 15% of  single romanians.
  • 3% consider the family an extra headache.
  • 25% of users consider a family can extend your life
  • 25% of those who responded to’s survey think that other relatives, blood or alliance are part of the family support system.

P.S. What does “family” mean to you?

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