What women want to hear versus what men actually say

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How do you start a conversation with an unknown person that you want to conquer? Maybe with a smile … but what happens when this conversation takes place online?

According to a survey women want men to be honest in discussions, to be interesting, to show they are trustworthy, but also fun, creative, cheerful. But not all the conversations are recorded in this note. What women want to hear and what men say on dating sites can be found below, along with a conversation guide for a first virtual dating meeting. While men complain that women on dating sites are not responding to messages, they say they do, (75%), but they have certain conditions.

78% complain of the language used by the sender, such as abbreviations such as “cf” – instead of “how are you” or sometimes forget to use greeting formulas.
71% think the sender’s age is not appropriate.
65% do not search for the same thing, the sender is incompatible or does not fit the preferences.
55% do not respond if the user has no profile photo.
50% of Sentimente users say they would not talk to a man who does not write correct grammatically.
Women gave some ideas for the following gentlemen’s conversations to be more successful:

75% prefer not to be asked out from the first message. Think about it, she does not know anything about you. Show her who you are first.
37% suggests to men to address them politely, decently.
31% recommend them to communicate based on common interests.
26% want an original / exciting / creative / sincere partner. Studies show that a man who uses funny expressions is more appreciated (however, do not overdo emoticons).
8% want users not to be insistent.
Let us tell you another secret that we’ve learned from the studies: the man should often use the name of the woman he speaks with (conversely, with a 12% chance of a meeting). Complicated? It seems like no, since the number of messages exchanged between users increases from month to month.

Do you have any other suggestions?

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