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It was about time to say “Hello”

Yes, of course we met on your website. I was the one who texted Mariana first, noticing that she lives nearby, knowing that it will be easier to meet face to face. First, sheresponded with “Hi!” and then i said ” Finally, we said hello” and we started a conversation. As days passed by, we discovered more and more mutual preferences and hobbies. Of course we have our disagreements, but we are ready to compromise. After long conversations on chat, we decided to meet face to face, we went for a coffee and we clicked. After that, we spent a night together and then i came back to Germany, where i’m still working. We kept in touch and after 3 weeks i came back to Romania. We spent a week together and we managed to connect on a deeper lever. We decided to stick together even though i still live in Germany until next year. We will visit as often as possible. Thank you for making this possible!

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