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Succes stories – Violeta & Ioan

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My story began just 2 months after my wife’s death. More precisely in February 2020, at only 46 years old. A number of factors (her death, the pandemic, our 12th grade child, online school, etc.) hit all at once, but I was also lucky that I didn’t have to organize too many festive activities.

I never thought I would have the strength to ever return to what I was and what I’ve lived with her. Maybe destiny or the One above considered me worthy and gave me a new chance at love.

Of course, it is harder for a child to get used to the fact that maybe he will have a new mother, but I would like to believe that he will feel what I’m feeling now: affection, love, protection and support.

Since February, I have accessed the site with the desire to communicate with as many people as possible. I didn’t expect to find so many serious women eager to talk. I was hoping that at least, I would remain friends with someone, after so many searches.The more people I interacted with, the happier I was. Anyway, this site felt like a long lost friend to me.

In my desperation to communicate, I felt that I could attach to and even live with any benevolent person who understood me. There were quite a few with whom I communicated with, all kinds of people with very beautiful and interesting life stories.

I am really sorry for some women with whom I had a very close relationship and who invested their time building our relationship (maybe more time than I ever did) because they made me feel like the relationship with the mother of my child started to fade and to hurt much less. I was facing the acceptance that she would not come back. I was starting to analyze what I would like from my life and the next steps I should take.

I met people from America who had left this country more than 25 years ago, some women from Constanța, working on cruise ships, who would have come to be near me in support. All these talks moved me very much. I appreciated their desire to build something new and strong with me that this is exactly what I needed to forget the state I was in.

But I never thought that after so many searches around the world, the one that was meant to be my soulmate was just a few minutes walking distance away. Things turned out to be even more surprising, as she was my wife’s doctor before she passed away. I felt like I was having a guardian angel who spread his wings over my family, starting with my wife, and continuing with me and my child.

After searching for a long time, in just 2 weeks, we came to reveal ourselves as if we had known each other for a lifetime, to make common plans for the future and to feel that we love each other like two teenagers.

The site was like a magnet that united our destinies and now makes us inseparable.

My time to embark on a new adventure of a lifetime is finally here.

Thank you and we are grateful.

We will always be your soul children.

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