Month: April 2018


What women want to hear versus what men actually say

woman talking on the phone

How do you start a conversation with an unknown person that you want to conquer? Maybe with a smile ... but what happens when this conversation takes place online? According to a survey women want men to be honest in discussions, to be interesting, to show they are trustworthy, but also fun, creative, cheerful.…

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40 questions to ask on the first date

couple in a restaurant

In the society we live in, it is increasingly difficult to form a real and lasting connection with another person because of the masks behind which we hide to avoid being judged. We have realized that the real connection is formed when two people are willing to be completely sincere with each other when they…

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Messenger & WallY

Sentimente is always trying to make your dating experience as nice as we can. That's why we are making changes (like WallY and messenger updates) which will help you find your partner even faster.  Are you wondering what kind of changes? Starting with 2018, our team has worked on a few new features that will enhance your…


Yes, photos do matter

It's important for the person you are talking to on dating websites to see ho you look. Just as in real-life, appearances and the way you dress make a first good impression. If your profile photo is missing, people you might like will hardly answer to your messages because they will not trust you. If…