How many people are truly happy?

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On the International Day of Happiness, we wanted to find out how many users on Sentimente are happy. We started a survey and received responses from 1481 people, between March 16-19, 2018.

Which colors are preferred by men and which colors are preferred by women?

We all know that the blue color is associated to men and the red color is associated to women. Have you ever wondered why?

Men who feel unhappy associate themselves with the blue color, a color that is linked with the feeling of sadness, but also with sincerity and coldness. Single women associate themselves with red, considered from ancient times a color of love, passion and vitality. Both sexes believe that love is an essential source of happiness (78% – men, 66% – women), the survey conducted by shows.

Is it true that life is more colorful when you are happy?
Yes, according to the answers, happiness makes men feel  that everything is going well (69%) and they tend to make more plans for the future than when they feel sad. The same thing happens to women, as well.

How many people are truly happy?
We’ve asked both men and women if they are happy and we found out that: 47% of the women consider themselves happy, and only 36% of the men.

Men are right! It seems that they know us, women, pretty well.
Men believe that women are happier when they are in a relationship where their partner spoils them (52%). It seems they are right because the most important thing for a women in a relationship is to be spoiled.

I love you. Do you love me back?
If the daily shared affection through the words “I love you!” is barely occupying the fourth place for men, it is very important for women. Both sexes, however, consider that relationships should be based, first of all, on mutual respect and communication, in preference to formalizing the marriage. Moreover, the time spent together equals, in their eyes, to bringing happiness to the partner.

Do you want to know the ideal couple formed on Sentimente?
Cinderella and Superman.
Most women find themselves in Cinderella, and, at the same time, men see women as Cinderellas of the modern world. To our surprise, women do not wait for the prince, anymore, they are waiting for their Superman. Curious enough is that men also chose Superman as a reference model.
Can this be the start of a love story between characters from different worlds? Why not? In the long run, everybody is unique and most love stories don’t need to follow imposed rules in order to be successful. Love stories have to be special, they have to be one of a kind!

What makes YOU happy?

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